Brownies Vloggers

beware! The next generation of you tubers are on their way! This week our brownies had a visit from Three UK all about vlogging! The girls split into groups to make their own movie (which we watched at the end, they were hilarious)

The girls had a great time making their own movie and can’t wait for another visit!k

Next week we will be having an I’m a celebrity themed evening!


Rainbows Teddy Hospital! 🚑

This week at Rainbows we had a visit from the Teddy hospital, a volunteer run group at Edinburgh university!

Each of the rainbows brought in a teddy to make better and learned how to do so with the volunteers!

We also learned about the bones in our body and how to make a 999 call!

We then sang happy birthday to one of our rainbows who joined us on her birthday! A last minute surprise as well from Fairy who decided the girls were so good at earning their badge, she gave the badge to them a week early!

Brownies popular culture

Brown Owl has been very busy with other senior section stuff so late post!

Last week at brownies it was all about magazines

In our groups we had a look at magazines that were brought in and then went on to design our own!

After we had finished we made some loom band bracelets!

This week we are getting a digital skills workshop from Three UK all about internet safety and vlogging!

Rainbows get healthy

This week at rainbows it was all about the laugh section of our badge

We tried out some yoga in our rainbows. We all got into pairs and fairy laid out the yoga cards. The girls chose the pose they wanted to do and went back to their mat with their partner to try out!

The girls had great fun having the choice of the pose they wanted to do!

Next week is the last section of the badge. We will be getting a visit from the teddy bear hospital!

Brownies popular culture- fashion

This week at brownies we continued our work on the popular culture badge. This week was all about fashion. We split into groups and each and a shot of being dressed up in bin bags (decorated with stickers and ribbons)

We then designed our own outfit on a person cut out! Then finished off the night with a game of port and starboard

Next week is we will be making loom band bracelets, designing a magazine cover and playing a celebrity guessing game

Rainbows get healthy-excercise

This week at rainbows we continued our get healthy badge.

This week we had a Rainbows Olympics. Fairy split everyone into teams and we went up to the tables and made a flag for our team

In the hall we played some balloon games to earn points for our team

Once we finished the game, we played with the parachute. We all had a shot at running underneath then threw some foam tennis balls into the air!

We finished off the night with singing some songs themed around the body!

Next week we will be trying out some yoga and making streamers

Brownies-Popular culture-TV and Film

This week our brownies started off the year with the popular culture challenge badge!

New and old faces alike descended upon the meeting place and we got started

The first activity was a 2017 evaluation sheet to settle into

We then split into groups. Group 1 went into the Hall and were each give 2 newspaper sheets and had to work as a team to get to the other side of the hall and back without touching the floor

The second group were making a mini popcorn holder using card and template. When they made the holder they each filled it with popcorn! (And the leftover vegetables from the rainbows)

We finished off the night with a Disney themed quiz with tied winners, the pixies and leprechauns, so we had to do a game of giant Rock Paper Scissors to determine a winner, which was the pixies! (Gold coins and smarties fished out as winner and runner up prizes!)

Last on the agenda for this week was a Brownie promise which was done very well!

Next week is all about fashion, we will be making newspaper outfits!

Rainbows get healthy- healthy eating!

Happy new year!

Our rainbows began their 2018 rainbows adventure! We started this year with the roundabout get healthy badge

As the girls walked in they were all very happy to be back (or so they told me anyway)

This week for the badge was all about healthy eating. The girls made their way up to the tables full of pens and paper and started to make posters all about healthy/unhealthy food!

When they were done it was time for our food activity, the girls descended toward the toilets to wash hands and headed back to a plate full of chopped up vegetables, prepared by Fairy! We had carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and cucumber!

The task was to use the vegetables to make a face! It was interesting to see ejow the different vegetables were used!

To finish off the night the girls played a game of beanbag toss with hula hoops!

Next week is all about exercise, so we will be having our own olympics!

Gladsmuir Guiding 2017!

So tonight we had a joint party with our rainbows for the last meeting of 2017! We all dressed up in our PJS and even got a visit from the ice cream van!

We have had an amazing year and here is just some of the stuff the group have been up to!


This year our rainbows have taken on lots of new experiences! We helped host a coffee morning for a local charity, visited the beach for our 30th birthday, attended a county rainbows party, went den building, visited Tesco behind the scenes, went on 2 rainbows sleepovers, learned a new dance, tasted some new food, made new friendships and most of all had fun!


This year our brownies have held a fundraiser, went den building, completed a football taster, learned about new cultures, made friends, visited the observatory, visited the fire station, sang songs and most of all survived had fun!


Brownies adventures!

This week at brownies we split into our adventure groups. We had each chosen an activity the week prior and Brown Owl organised.

The adventure group chose to do some skipping. They were tested on their skipping skills and then done a sheet to find out more about their brownie friends.

The adventure on group chose to do some bread tasting. They tasted bread from India, Greece, Spain and Italy! We then made blindfolded sandwiches

The more adventure group made pipe cleaner words and then tried some bread with the other group.

We then done some team games and finished off with a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

Next week we are having a joint party with the rainbows. It is a princess and pj party for a promise/Leaver.