Brownies Outdoor Cooking

This week at Brownies we finished off our Get Outdoors badge.

I spent most of the Rainbows meeting, preparing the pizza dough for the brownies and setting up the stations. Each girl had a small pizza with tomato sauce and cheese.

When the girls came in, we split them into their groups to cover their cardboard box in foil and when they had done that, made their pizza. We lit the BBQ’s before the girls came out so it was ready to cook.

The girls got some cans and filled them up to make them heavy so they could hold the weight of the baking trays with pizza.

All pizzas cooked and all girls gave them a try. Leaders enjoyed some too!

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We handed out our Get Outside badges and next week we will split into our stage groups for the Live Smart skills builder. Stage 2 will get a visit from the local mens shed who are going to teach them how to safely hammer nails into wood and stage 3 are going to be doing some taste testing of different priced food to see if we can tell the difference!

Rainbows Food for Thought

This week at Rainbows we continued our happy laugh badge, by getting a visit from the foodbank. We are doing a collection for this badge and i wanted the girls to understand why they were doing it.

I must admit, I did spend majority of the meeting setting up for the Brownies, however I could hear lots of questions being asked. They learned about what goes in a food package and who uses the foodbank. Everyone got letters at the end with items the foodbank desperately needs, for them to bring in for the next couple of weeks.

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To fill up the rest of the time we played a new game from the UMA’s called “It’s dark outside”. One of the girls was blindfolded and the rest of the girls were standing around the hall, the blindfolded girl had to make her way to the other side of the room, if she was about to walk into someone they had to say “watch out” so the blindfolded girl new.

We finished off by singing happy birthday to one of our Rainbows (who turned 5 on Rainbows night), presented one of the Rainbows with her Animal Lover badge, gave out letters for the Foodbank and let the girls know the theme for the Gala parade (Disney BTW :D)

Brownie Adventures!

Back again!

This time, the Brownies.

Since we can now go outside and its not dark, we decided to do the Outdoors Badge.

Last week, (ironically) it was about bringing the outdoors in. We learned how to light a match safely and after we had done it we made some s’mores!

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This week was going on a scavenger hunt, we did an alphabet scavenger hunt around the local park. Once we had done that, we let the girls burn off their energy in the park (which also included hill rolling)

Next week we will be making a box oven and cooking in it!


See you next week

Happy Rainbows!

I’ve done it again! I’ve totally forgot to blog! Busy minds and all that… i have now set a reminder in my phone to do this every week (and not just for my blogging badge!)

We started back at Rainbows last week, with a new rainbow and a new badge, the be happy badge!

Last week we made some armpit fudge, we decided to go outside as it was such a lovely night!

Now i know what you’re thinking, what the…. is armpit fudge?! But i promise it is more delicious than it sounds! (although it does look questionable). The girls have to put all the ingredients into a sandwich bag, zip it up and squeeze it together until its all mixed together!

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This week it was time for games that make us laugh! We started off with an indoor snowball fight with newspaper!

We then played the donut on a string game (basically how it sounds!) Very messy but lots of laughs! After we washed our hands and had some water, we went outside to play on the trim trail in the playground (now our rainbows love climbing so it’s not for the faint hearted!)

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Next week we will be getting a visit from somebody from the Foodbank, which we will be collecting for,this part of the challenge is making others happy.


See you next week!

2019 Adventures!

I have set a reminder all week to re-start the blog, it is now Thursday and I am just making a start! Sorry!

I’ll start with the Rainbows. We welcomed a new Rainbow to the unit to start her adventure!

Until the February break we are doing our Stage 1 Innovate Skill Builder!

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We started off with learning about Robots and how they need instructions.We have also made up music with the noises on our bodies and made dragon puppets. This week we will be doing science experiments.

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Now onto the Brownies! We have started with the Network Skill Builders Stages 2 and 3!

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Stage 2 have been learning how to work in teams and what makes a good friend. Stage 3 have been learning about how to deal with bullying, good and bad responses and drawing a picture being described by their partner without them seeing

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Also with the Brownies we completed a Girlguiding Strategy activity, feeding back what we like about Brownies onto Cecil the snake!

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Some other things going on at the unit:

We have been chosen for Tescos bags for help scheme at our local tesco! We will be using the money to get resources of the new programme for all the girls in the unit!

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On 19th January, we will be joining other guiding members around the country for the Girlguiding only screening of the new Mary Poppins Returns movie! We will have 23 girls representing us from the unit! Afterwards, we will get this lovely commemorative badge!

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Rainbows gardening badge

The last few weeks at rainbows we have been completing our gardening badge!

First week we played a flower and bug game using flowers we coloured in and done leaf rubbings!

Last week we made bird feeders using pine cones, bird seed and lard! We took them home to hang up to feed the birds in our gardens

This week we planted some dahlias to take home and grow over the next few weeks🌸

Brownies cupcake badge

The last few weeks at brownies have been dedicated to the Cupcake challenge.

Firstly we had a cupcake decorating relay race!

Then the week after we decorated cupcake pictures then learned survival skills!

Tonight we finished off the badge by having a decoration bake off in our groups! Safe to say it was well enjoyed 😁😁

Rainbows gardening and brownie cupcakes!

This week at rainbows and brownies and we started our challenge badges

For the rainbows it was the gardening badge!

We decorated flowers to play a bug game and we went outside to collect leaves. When we brought them in, we made leaf rubbings!

For the brownies we began our cupcake challenge. We decorated cupcakes in a relay race and played a new game from the programme called “fox, frog, flea”

New Programme for #EveryGirl

During the summer holidays, Girlguiding released their new programme for every section! The biggest changes being the new Rangers section and interest badges for Rainbows. Brown Owl is very excited to start the new programme. Here are the themes and some of the badges girls can earn! (Round ones for Rainbows, Diamond ones for Brownies)

Know Myself-Girls explore emotions and learn about themselves. 


Express Myself-Girls develop their creativity in all sorts of ways. 

Take Action-Girls build skills to make a positive difference

Be Well-Girls learn how to stay healthy and how to help others when they’re hurt.

Have Adventures-Girls have the chance to overcome fears, try new activities and learn survival skills

Skills for my Future-Girls investigate what they might like to do in the future