Engineering brownies

We headed back to brownies this week! We were all ready and rested and ready to go! Over the next few weeks we are completing the Clever cogs challenge, which is all about engineering

We started off the evening by splitting into groups and making a balloon tower using only balloons and tape!

We then moved up into the dining room to make some marshmallow and spaghetti towers. I love these types of activities where the girls teamwork really shines!

Next week we will be making some egg parachutes and designing a new sport


Rainbows take over the world!

This week was our first week back at Rainbows! We took on the challenge of the future girl resource! We had a think about how we can and would change the world!

We started off Off with a game finding out what activities we and others enjoyed and didn’t enjoy so much

We then set on the task of making a happy and sad wall. We drew on a bit of paper for each emotion and stuck them on the wall!

We then headed outside to our “time machine” ( a tent put up by the leaders 💪🏽) and headed in to travel to 2050!

We headed back inside to think about what makes us happy and sad! Then we had a think about what we would change about the world.

Now sometimes my rainbows are loud, hyper and crazy! But I have never been more proud of them than I was last night.

What would you change about the world?

Poverty (giving poor people homes/food)

Taking care of animals

Treating people with respect

No more bullying

There’s more where that came from but whilst writing this on a bus these are the main things I remember! Then a brownie came to visit the older rainbows before they move up! Next week we will be getting a visit from Cats Protections, for our cat challenge badge

Rainbows fire safety

This week at rainbows we started our fire safety badge

We started off with a quiz about fire safety, in groups. We then did a scavenger hunt around the school to see what we could find on our sheet

we then played some fire safety bingo with our district commissioner and we had a Rainbow make her promise

Brownies circus performer

This week at brownies we finished our circus performer badge

We had a circus skills workshop from Charlie from Aviatricks

We started off the night with a few games of tig to warm up

We then tried out some scarf throwing, feather balancing and jugglingwe finished off the night with an assortment of circus skills and 3 brownie promises under a parachute

Brownies Vloggers

beware! The next generation of you tubers are on their way! This week our brownies had a visit from Three UK all about vlogging! The girls split into groups to make their own movie (which we watched at the end, they were hilarious)

The girls had a great time making their own movie and can’t wait for another visit!k

Next week we will be having an I’m a celebrity themed evening!

Rainbows Teddy Hospital! 🚑

This week at Rainbows we had a visit from the Teddy hospital, a volunteer run group at Edinburgh university!

Each of the rainbows brought in a teddy to make better and learned how to do so with the volunteers!

We also learned about the bones in our body and how to make a 999 call!

We then sang happy birthday to one of our rainbows who joined us on her birthday! A last minute surprise as well from Fairy who decided the girls were so good at earning their badge, she gave the badge to them a week early!

Brownies popular culture

Brown Owl has been very busy with other senior section stuff so late post!

Last week at brownies it was all about magazines

In our groups we had a look at magazines that were brought in and then went on to design our own!

After we had finished we made some loom band bracelets!

This week we are getting a digital skills workshop from Three UK all about internet safety and vlogging!

Rainbows get healthy

This week at rainbows it was all about the laugh section of our badge

We tried out some yoga in our rainbows. We all got into pairs and fairy laid out the yoga cards. The girls chose the pose they wanted to do and went back to their mat with their partner to try out!

The girls had great fun having the choice of the pose they wanted to do!

Next week is the last section of the badge. We will be getting a visit from the teddy bear hospital!