Rainbows and brownies football taster⚽️

This week at brownies and rainbows we had a local football team in to do a football taster. The coaches were fab and the girls got really involved in the dribbling, scoring goals and running about! Not a lot to say so here are the photos!


Brownies party!

This week at brownies we had a Wild West themed leaving party. One of our brownies is leaving to go to guides.  

We decorated with Wild West themed decorations and everyone dressed up to the theme

We done some dancing and introduced our new brownies. We had a game of ring toss with cones and we all had a good shot at it!

Snack time came around and everyone was full of food by the end. Some more dancing and then the end with some games

Some badges to hand out to our leaving brownie and a sixer badge to hand to the new sixer of the leprechauns

Next week is our last week where we will be doing a football taster⚽️

Roundabout rainbows ♥️

This week we did the last part of our roundabout rainbows. Love section!

We welcomed our new rainbow in and we started our first activity, making posters of our favourite things. It was lovely to see what makes each of the girls unique
We then played a game of islands, where we danced about to music and when it stopped we had to stand in a hula hoop. One was taken away each time, but everyone had to stay in. We had all rainbows in one hoop, which was hilarious
Next week we will be doing a football taster with Tranent Colts☺️

Brownies artist badge

This week at brownies we finished off our artist badge. We had a local street artist come in and show us how to design some street art 

We learned how to design the robot and got some of our own designs. 

We then went down into the hall and made some of our own which were fab! each one was unique in its own way

At the end we had a quick teamwork game for our girls going to a county competition next week!

Next week is a leaving party…but with what theme? 🐴

Rainbows roundabout laugh 

This week at rainbows we completed the laugh section of the roundabout rainbows badge. 

We went outside with the rainbows and we had a shot of the skipping ropes. 

We then went to the paddling pool and had a shot of throwing ping pong balls into the pool

We then played a game we learned at the sleepover. The girls pretend to be polar bears and try and catch the girls running past

We sang some songs and before we knew it it was time to go home 🏡 

Next week is our last section of the badge. We will be making a poster about our favourite things

Rainbows sleepover

Last night our rainbows went to a county sleepover with two other units from within the county! When we arrived we all headed to our rooms and chose our beds and set up!

Once we headed through we coloured in some pictures and once they were laminated we used them as placemats

Once we finished that we started on our crafts for the night. We made wooden spoon mermaids, handprint fish and painted rocks

We then made our pizza which we had for our supper but before then we had some pasta!

We then went outside and had a treasure hunt and played games with the parachute! Once we headed back inside we made mermaid magnets and got changed into pyjamas and ate pizza!
Lastly we watched a mermaid themed movie, the little mermaid!

Then we headed off to bed… maybe not to sleep but they tried!
This morning we woke up nice and sharp and stared to pack away our stuff! We headed through to watch a movie then had our breakfast!

We made key rings and a life sized mermaid!

Once we were all packed we went outside to play some games and get our badges!

What a fab time and the girls can’t wait to go back!

Brownies artist badge

This week at brownies we started our first interest badge of the term; the artist badge

We were learning about primary colours and how we can mix them. We sectioned off our paper and painted 3 squares with the primary colours and the other 3 with secondary colours 

We then done some scented paintings using some Kool Aid and water

We finished off the night with some six team games. Lots of fun and working together!

Next week we will be having some come in to see about street art

Rainbows roundabout badge🌈

This week our rainbows started their first roundabout of the year; roundabout rainbows 

This week we were starting off with look and learn (from the rainbow song)

For the learn section we were learning about jobs that men and women can do. Explained to the girls that there was no right or wrong answer, just to put what they think. We were very surprised with some of the answers but most of the girls put the job they got in the “jobs men and women can do” section. We then spoke about what we wanted to be when we grew up, ranging from a vet, to a rockstar to a…Cat?

We then split into groups and looked at toys that are for boys, girls and both! The girls enjoyed cutting all the photos and then looking at what others thought 

For the look section we played a game called hide a friend  , this is a game where we run about to music and when it stops, crouch into a ball. We then choose a girl and cover her with a blanket. The girls have to then use their observations to spot who is missing.

Next week will be a game with a paddling pool but no swimming costumes🤔

Before then though, six of our rainbows will be going on a rainbow sleepover with the county for the Continuation of the 30th birthday celebrations 

Until then😃

Brownies chocolate badge

This week marks the last week of the chocolate badge. 

First when the girls came in we tasted different types of chocolate, the 90% was not popular!

We then split into sixes and each designed a chocolate bar and presented to the group

Then we went up to the tables and made chocolate lip gloss (kind of)

Next week we will start the Artist badge with some painting!

Until then 🎨 

Rainbows spy party

This week at Rainbows we completed our spy badge by having a party!

First we got girls in and let them burn off some energy and then came up and made fruit kebabs and drank some mocktails 

Then we played some party games like musical corners, musical statues and a dancing competition
Then we made the room quiet and we sang some songs and learned a new song (Alice the camel)

Then it was the end, time flies!

Next week we will be starting our new roundabout badge, roundabout rainbows 

Till then🌈🌈