Brownies adventures!

This week at brownies we split into our adventure groups. We had each chosen an activity the week prior and Brown Owl organised.

The adventure group chose to do some skipping. They were tested on their skipping skills and then done a sheet to find out more about their brownie friends.

The adventure on group chose to do some bread tasting. They tasted bread from India, Greece, Spain and Italy! We then made blindfolded sandwiches

The more adventure group made pipe cleaner words and then tried some bread with the other group.

We then done some team games and finished off with a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

Next week we are having a joint party with the rainbows. It is a princess and pj party for a promise/Leaver.


Rainbows reindeer 🎄

This week at rainbows we continued our reindeer badge by making reindeer food. We used porridge oats, mealworms, bird seed and dried cranberries, put them into a sandwich bag and mixed all together. We then had a relay game using Christmas stockings, sweets and spoons! We finished off the night with party games! Next week we cannot wait to have a joint party with the brownies with an animal theme. This will be a promise/leaving party!

Brownie traditions

This week at brownies we began our brownie traditions badge.

We chose to learn all about lighting a match. We each had a choice to light a candle if we wanted to and we used the candles to make s’mores (which went down well)

Then we had a shot of tying knots using strawberry laces and tied friendship knots using our neckers

Next week we will be learning about old brownie uniform!

Rainbows goblets!

Tonight at Rainbows we continued our beauty and the beast badge which our girls are loving!

We decided to make goblets using plastic wine glasses and stickers! Some lovely creations and all different

We then went on and made princess crowns to look like belles!

Next week is our last week for our badge and we are going to be doing some dancing!

Brownies- FIRE FIRE

This week at brownies we had a continuation of our Fire safety badge. This week was all about smoke detectors and escape plans. 

We started off the night with a scavenger hunt round our meeting place, looking for different fire related objects like extinguishers and fire alarms. 25 exit signs we counted in total!

We then went on to do some colouring and whilst doing that (with the girls knowledge) brown Owl set off an alarm sound on her phone that sounded like a smoke detector. We had a chat about running when this goes off and had another practice. We later tried this out whilst looking at places to go when there was a fire. 
The girls then split into groups and made a fire escape plan for the meeting place. We then had a chat about our Pack Holiday in June and had a vote on themes. 

Next week we will be finishing off the badge looking at Burns from fires and how we can prevent and treat them

Rainbows…tick tock!

This week at rainbows we continued our beauty and the beast badge with a Cogsworth theme

This evening was run by Princess our young leader for her young leaders qualification!
The girls made their own clocks and used pins to add the arrows for the clock!

The girls then went on to have a look at old rainbows uniform and discussed what they thought of the older one and about the one they wear now. They then designed a uniform for the future. We ended the night by handing 4 Rainbows their 2 nights away badge for their sleepover at the weekend!

This Sunday is our annual remembrance service and can’t wait to attend ☺️

Halloween Party 🎃 

This week we had a joint Halloween party with both rainbows and brownies! Everybody dressed up in scary costumes!

The rainbows went to do dooking and the brownies played the donut game. We had some snacks and done some more dancing. We played corners, pass the parcel and musical statues

Our division commissioner chose the best dressed and we had a dance off in the hall! It was all such fun can’t wait until next year!

On Thursday our brownies are going to visit the fire station and on Saturday our rainbows are going to another rainbows sleepover ☺️

Brownies on fire…safety!

This week at brownies we began our fire safety badge. A badge we were keen to do with the girls! 

We learned all about fire in homes and we learned how things that seem dangerous can be safe if used correctly. We then learned how to stop, drop and roll if our clothes caught fire!

Once we split into sixes we made pretend 999 calls and learned when and when not to call! The girls were very good at noticing when we shouldn’t call!

We then made up plays for characters who were in dangerous situations. 

Also we learned a new way of opening and closing our brownie meetings☺️

Next week is our annual Halloween party with the rainbows!